An original series by Movistar +, produced by ApacheFilms and written and directed by Juan Cavestany and Álvaro Fernández-Armero.

The series is about embarrasment; what we provoke and what we feel when someone close to us is exposed to an embarrasing situation. An unconfortable comedy in which pathos and akwardness are overcomed from one situation to another.

Under this premise we were in charge of creating the graphic identity and launch campaign for this series.


We wanted the logo of the series to transmit that feeling of uncomfortness that makes you want to hide in a corner. So we created an embarrassed logo which, as someone who feels unconfortable, tries to hide in order to be unseen.


We had to present a couple victim of the awkwardness they provoke, a relationship based on being made for each other but suffering a crisis because of the mess they make of themselves with no apparent remedy. Hopeless.



We designed two posters. A more commercial version featuring the two main charcaters: Javier Gutiérrez, in his role as a wedding photographer, and Malena Alterio, a spouse up to her nerves.

And a more conceptual version, featuring the most remarkable and memorable elements of the season: underpants and an umbrella.


You rarely have a concept that tells the story of the brand and contains the brand itself at the same time. In this case, it happened. We were able to integrate the brand into a sentence that perfectly described every embarrassing or awkward situation that could happen. Following this concept, every action on the street, headline, audiovisual piece or action on social media refers to this sentence, setting a very distinct and direct tone. A series competing in an official section of a film festival? That’s shameful.


When Vergüenza was nominated for the official Zabaltegi- Tabakalera section at the San Sebastian Film Festival we set a special action in order to celebrate the nomination.

Giving out printed underpants with the date and time of the event on them is also kind of awkward. Get them while you can! The event turned out a success.


Six-second clips to set up the awkward mood and feeling that the series wants to transmit.

20-30 seconds clips that work as mini trailers that introduce the two main characters —Jesus and Nuria— and their environment.


We created specific content for RRSS. We produced a series of clips featuring each actor giving their own vision of the series as if they were the main character. These clips were complemented with the conflicting opinions from the directors. These pieces were thought to be shared from the cast personal profiles as well as from Movistar’s profile.

As an extra, during the campaign we created posts that linked historic facts or popular sayings to some of the most embarrassing moments of the series. This reinforced the awkward sense of humor of Vergüenza.