Launch campaing for the 3rd Season of GOMORRA, Sky’s first Original Production on its platform since its arrival in Spain.

Based on Roberto Saviano’s bestseller, the series has conquered the international market and it has won several international awards.



There have been many films and series about the Italian mafia, but what sets Gomorra apart from all of them is its similarity to reality. Gomorra has Roberto Saviano as the head of sceenwriting. Saviano is a world-renowned author and a specialist in criminal organizations operating in Italy. The series stands out for the harshness with which it portrays the violence lived in Neapolitan neighborhoods, even some of the most tragic moments are taken from real incidents that plagued the country.

We based the advertising campaign on this concept: the accuracy of the plot to the real mafia; producing content and graphics for exterior advertising and the official trailer for Spain.

Forget all you’ve seen about the mob. The reality is another.


Taking advantage of the materials used for the official poster of the Sky Atlantic series, we designed our own pieces for press, outdoors and social media advertising.

We created two lines:  a main poster with the image of the five main characters; and a freer line featuring each of the main characters of the new season in their own poster with different headlines.


Accommodation of the original trailer to shorter formats for web and social media.